All you need online, linked together

Linxr is everything you need to be connected to your customers,
pieced together and made easy.

Simple, gorgeous, mobile-friendly website, so that your customers can always find you.
Facebook business page that allows your fans to stay connected. And a Twitter account as well.
Beautiful all-configured e-mail newsletter with built-in support for sharing and special offers.
SMS notifications for your customers, if they want to stay on top of what you are up to 24/7.
Advice, motivation, suggestions and support from a team of experienced web marketers.

We are currently in private beta. Let us know, if you want to be in our next batch.

Thanks to Linxr, my Pilates studio finally has an online presence that really works, no headache attached. So I can focus on helping my Clients and being with my family!

Kevin Moore, founder and movement therapist at Reembody

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